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Friday, February 10, 2006

Cleaning House

Here are a few links and updates for you. I'll have more about the Springfield trip tomorrow.

E-pauly has been kind enough to link my last two Ten things Tuesday lists. His blog is always entertaining and it is certainly an honor to be included in his wide assortment of cool content.

I've always enjoyed kj4ever's blog, FFS. She's a good Chicago girl with a HOT driver's license photo and she is an entertaining writer. I hope to meet her one day at a show or something. She was kind enough to add me to her links list and I'm happy to reciprocate.

isch2K has sent me many fine links to videos. Presumably, many of which may not be safe for work so check them out at your leisure. I've not taken the time to review any of them as of yet. Been busy with other stuff. In any event, here are many links from isch2K.


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