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Friday, January 07, 2005

Hail to the King, Baby!

A Hunk-a-hunk-a Burning Cow A happiest of birthdays to the questionably late Elvis Presley.

A Lot of people have claimed to see Elvis since his death. I used to think they were all freaks yearning for days gone by.

Then I became one of them!

I SAW Elvis in Las Vegas! That's right, Viva Las Vegas, baby! How cool is that?

Old Elvis really let himself go, but he still had that star quality. You know, the kind of intangible thing that makes a guy feel compelled to take a snapshot.

I'm Going to Graze-LandI was very happy to see that Elvis was not so full of himself that he couldn't pose for a photo or two. He's a guy that really loves his fans!

I would have understood if he didn't have time for me. He IS the King of Rock n' Freakin' Roll, you know!

He even let me climb on his back and ride him around for awhile. THAT'S COOL! I hope that when I'm that famous I'll be as nice.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Presley!

For no other reason...

Bubba Ho-Tep: Best Elvis movie EVER!
Elvis-a-Rama Museum, Las Vegas
Elvis in the Snow, courtesy of Attu


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