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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Andy Martello is CRAPPING Up the Beautiful Internet!

It is a veritable explosion of Andy Land! The internet will never be the same. OK, nobody really gives a rat's ass, but I am currently littering the virtual world right now.

I found out today that there's a banner advertising my arrival at Malicious Bitch. Nobody's ever made a banner for me! A Cub Scout pack once had a professionally made sign announcing my appearance at their Blue & Gold Dinner, but that's about it. Check it out!

Da Bitches LOVE Me!

It looks as though Eklektikos is coming back from the grave. I hope to be sending you to that little chunk of cyberspace soon.

E-pauly has chosen to reprint one of my favorite pieces from The Cheers, Fun with Ego-Surfing. I've always liked this one and I had all but forgotten that it was around. Many thanks to Paul for that.

Paul was also kind enough to be one of the many folks who promoted my appearance on Fearless Radio this week. The Fu-Qtoo guys are also proudly displaying a photo of Ghetto Boy, Monte, and me wearing our Rooster shirts!

And in The Cheers this week...not a damned thing from me. I got lazy last week. I hope to have something new in there this week.

In fact, if this works out, I'm hoping to have three different NEW articles in three different e-zines in the same week. Here's hoping I can pull this off AND not neglect all the bidniss stuff I have to take care of this week.


Blogger D Brooks said...

OMG!! I think we've created a Monster!

Ok, OK, you can all blame Marjo Moore for recognizing Andy's talent and suggesting he be added to our elite little group, lol


1:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Monster? Nah. But I'm having fun! When I have a legion of loyal followers coming out to hear my spoken word shows, THEN I'll be a monster!

8:38 PM


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